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Family Law & Divorce

When you need a divorce or family law attorney, who you choose to represent you is an important choice. Your interests must be represented by a skilled Tampa divorce lawyer that will aggressively pursue the outcome that you want, whether the issue is divorce, alimony, visitation, or other crucial issue. At Taracks Gomez & Rickman, we take the time to get to know our clients and all the details surrounding their family law matter so that we can move forward with fighting to protect their interests. Our legal team has over 40 years of combined experienced, and is recognized as an accomplished law firm in the Tampa area.

Divorce Attorney in Tampa

When facing the transition of a divorce, it is a very emotional time and all the matters involved in the marriage break up can be in contention. The parties often have serious communication problems and other issues that make it appear to be impossible to get the crucial parts of the divorce resolved. When our legal team gets involved, we negotiate with the opposing attorney on behalf of our client, and make every effort to get all matter finalized before going to court. In some cases, the other party in the divorce continues to make unreasonable demands, and it is necessary to present the case in court to get the divorce settled fairly. When litigation is necessary, we carefully prepare your case to present to the court. We fight for your right to your property, your children and any support you deserve and your case will be presented in a professional and compelling manner, with all documentation to support our case.

In cases in which alimony or palimony is involved, the future quality of life of our client is in question, and we move forward with our case to pursue a fair resolution and an award or settlement that reflects all the sacrifices and contributions that our client has made during the marriage or relationship. Asset division is often an issue in divorce, and questions about who will get what part of the marital property. Sorting out these issues fairly is of ultimate concern and will be addressed by our firm with the focus that is needed. We can advise you with regard to state law and asset division, debt division and will protect your right to keep those assets you deserve.

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If you are a victim of domestic violence or spousal abuse, or your children are suffering child abuse, you must be protected from further harm without delay. We can help in filing an order of protection or restraining order that will prohibit the abuser from contacting you or being within a specific distance of you. These are crucial issues when violence has taken place and we urge you to take action and contact us to help you get this matter resolved at once.

Child Custody
Deciding to file for divorce is a difficult decision, but it is only the first of many. Besides decisions regarding property and assets, a couple will also have to determine child custody. Although each parent wants what is best for their child, it can be difficult to negotiate regarding what he best option is. Florida law operates in the best interests of the children. If the case cannot be determined outside of court, a divorce attorney could help stand up for your rights in court. A judge will take many different factors in account, including: the child's preference, the parent's well-being, the earning capacity of the parent, any previous criminal activity, domestic violence, and more. If you are facing a messy custody battle, then a Tampa divorce lawyer from our firm could do their utmost to keep your family out of court. However, this is sometimes the only way to fight for your child's best interests. Read more on child custody.

We know how important child custody and child support are in a divorce case, or even after a divorce has already taken place and the other party fails to uphold a court order. We can help you in enforcements and modifications when life situations change. We are very familiar with all aspects of family law and take protecting your interests personally. We urge you to contact our firm for high quality , committed legal representation in all divorce and family law issues.

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